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Persil Whiteness Augmented Reality

Unilever UK


Focus: Prototyping UX Design UI Design

It's a promotional application that allows customers to determine the whiteness of their clothes by using an iPhone's camera. An automatic analyser which may suggest the best product to use for achieving the desired whiteness.

The Challenge

Promote online brand awareness and engage customers in digital interaction with the physical product.

The Solution

After the discovery phase, I've decided to focus on the primary user's pain point—keep clothes as white as possible for a longer time. The interaction was engaging wow-factor for brand awareness.

The Result

The user research and the financial indicator showed very positive feedback after the campaign. Customers got a memorable experience by interacting with the traditional product on a new digital level.

Unilever launched a new product to the UK market.

Company’s 360 advertising campaign included an iPhone application to engage tech-savvy customers.

The advertising mechanics based on elements of augmented reality and gamification.

The user had to take a picture of a white shirt and set a number of estimated washes.

At the same time, the customer had an option to evaluate the quality of the clothes with using the new Persil Ultimate system.

By using cloud-based computation, the application demonstrated the condition of their clothes after the given amount of washes against a regular laundry product.

The application successfully supported Persil’s online campaign with about 5000 downloads in just one month.

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