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Design Systems and Design Leadership

Raiffeisen Bank Russia


Focus: Product Design UX Research Design Management

The best bank in Central and Eastern Europe 2017 improves its customer experience by rethinking the customer journey and rebuilding online and offline services.

Creating the best customer experience starts with a deep understanding of the business domain and knowledge of what the customer values most.

My primary objective was to integrate the user experience research and design service into the agile development process of the various product teams.

As a team leader, my second goal was to set up the cross-functional and highly performative design team.

In order to maintain seamless user experience across various platforms, I've decided to focus on the design system.

This framework helped us—designers, to communicate much more efficiently with the development team and stakeholders.

The benefit of using the design system is cost and timesaving—designers can focus on user flows and create various concepts other than thinking on what colour, UI element or font to use.

Professional Application UI Kit

Bigger & Bolder Public Application UI Kit

Raiffeisen Design System Icons Pack

UX Research and Contextual Observation

I was responsible for helping various banking department design teams to set a clear product vision and deliver quality design solutions by organising qualitative user research sessions and facilitation of co-creation workshops with clients and stakeholders.

Please drop me a line if you have any feedback or comments regarding the products and services of Raiffeisen Bank. Your feedback matters.

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