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CLARK Insurance App

Clark Germany GmbH


Focus: UI Design User Research Team Leadership

CLARK is a famous German Fintech/Insurtech $128M unicorn. The company's core value is to bring clarity to the complex world of insurance.

Company Objectives

Nowadays insurance is still in the digital stone age—a lot of paperwork and non-transparent tariffs. The goal of the app is to change that. The guiding principle is to make the subject of insurance so simple, fair and transparent that the customers love insurance.

My Contributions

I helped redesign and launch the new app, set a product design team, evangelised and implemented a customer-centric mindset across all product teams, increased business metrics, made end-user satisfaction measurable, established the design system, designed key customer journeys and new features, some of which you can see if you scroll down ☺️

Buying Journey Redesign

UI Design
UX Copywriting
Interaction Design
UX Research

The buying process is one of the most critical journeys from business and user perspectives. After a detailed assessment of the requirements and usability issues of the existing flow, I completely redesigned the buying experience on visual and interaction layers.

Average completion time reduced


Conversion uplift


Improved Offers View

UI Design
Information Architecture
Interaction Design
UX Research

Before jumping into a solution, I conducted a set of UX interviews for a better understanding of customers pain-points around the process of picking the right insurance. The key insight was the complexity and overwhelming amount of legal information. This insight became the foundation for further redesign.

Conversion uplift


Less average decision time


New onboarding experience

UI Design
Interaction Design
UX Research

From data analysis and customer feedback, I knew there was a cohort of users who weren't sure about the benefits of the app even if they downloaded the app. The purpose of this experiment was to allow users to explore the app without registering and subsequently measure engagement.

Bounce rate decreased


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