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Smart City Manager

Ericsson Sweden


My role → UX Research · UI Design · Prototyping

I was asked to design an interface for the fleet operator. The city of Stockholm is launching the 5G traffic monitoring system.

The problem

Stockholm has experienced traffic issues due to not optimised routes of different types of fleets like taxis, limos and trucks.

The solution

Design and implement a monitoring system, which allows to analyse traffic in real-time and make predictive decisions.

I started this project with stakeholders and cross-industry professionals in-depth interviews and contextual observation.

The results of clustering revealed that the main activities of fleet operators are guiding traffic to optimal routes and monitoring conscious fuel consumption.

After the discovery phase, I created a system of interacting objects which was used as a blueprint for job stories mapping.

Also, it was a good strategic foresight for the entire project.

Process of Thinking

Business requirements → Users requirements → Insights

Process of Doing

Prototype → Test → Deliver

The result

Quick search

The fleet manager has very limited time for taking a decision. Searching is one of the main use cases, so the query field is available on each screen and allows to find any available information.

Context is crucial

All major user flows are designed to appear as an overlay which allows user always to stay in focus and never lose the context.

Display only essential information

In order to reduce cognitive load, I decided to split the informational model into two areas—analysing and monitoring. Or in plain language: a Dashboard and a Map overview.

Humanistic UI

Even pure analytical system needs some humanity and emotional touches.

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